Critical Inspections for Building Sites

With COVID (19) affecting most industries in the UK, there has never been a more important time than now to ensure that your building project is being adequately protected with frequent monitoring of works by surveying professionals.

After liaising closely with Government officials, it was welcoming news to receive the letter of comfort to the construction industry on the 31st March issued by The Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, highlighting the importance of the construction industry whilst keeping building sites open and operational.

ABC+ Warranty are one of the remaining Structural Warranty companies that remain fully operational and equipped to carry out professional inspection services by their team of fully Chartered Surveyors.

With the majority of other Warranty providers choosing not to continue to assist clients at this time and instead, leaving clients potentially exposed and vulnerable if works are progressing without professional guidance.

‘It’s not the strongest that survive but the one most adaptable to change’, “never has a truer phrase been spoken in our current economy. We are an ever-evolving business but one thing never changes, our core values; Customer Care and Quality Buildings certified to last for generations” says ABC+ Managing Director, Adele Reid.

As part of their duty of care to both Surveyors and their clients, ABC+ have issued the following InspectionProtocol which sets out clear requirements and boundaries to be followed to ensure inspections can be carried out professionally and safely by all concerned.

Inspecting properties since 1989, ABC+ Warranty would like to share their wealth of expertise and information available to them from various industry sources starting with recent guidelines issued by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) detailing SiteOperating Procedures – which sets out practical measures for construction sites to comply with Public Health England’s guidance on distancing and hygiene.

ABC+ offer a range of services covering all areas of the UK including; 10 & 12 Year Structural Warranties, 6 Year Professional Consultant Certificates, Road Bonds, Contractors All Risk insurance and Building Control services.

With banks and building societies providing mortgage holiday payments, there has never been a better time to secure a quotation with ABC+.  Payment option plans are available at no extra cost with affordable fixed prices, available until 31st August 2020.

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Published Date: 3rd April 2020
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