“So What is a Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC)?”

What was once generally known as an Architect’s Certificate for newly built or converted property is now known as the industry standard:

Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC).

Lenders will only lend against a newly built (or recently converted) property where the property is covered by a 10 Year Warranty (for example, ABC+ Warranty or an NHBC Warranty) OR the CML Professional Consultant Certificate (PCC).

The PCC certificate is the minimum requirement requested by a mortgage lender when applying to raise a mortgage against a property completed in the last 6 years.

Each property is monitored by our Chartered Surveyors and then at completion of satisfactory works, our certificate is then issued by our RICS Surveyors.

We are also a RICS Registered company, giving you the confidence that the certificate issued is reliable and trusted.

You’ll need this type of certificate if:

  • You’re selling the property and your purchaser needs a mortgage or you are re-mortgaging against the property
  • You want to rent the property and raise a Buy-to-Let mortgage to release equity

Click here for a link to a list of banks and building societies that currently accept our certificate.

Click on the links below for an example of a standard format certificate provided by the Council of Mortgage Lenders for your area.

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Click here to get your QUICK QUOTE, alternatively see our ABC+ Structural Warranty information for a more comprehensive level of cover.

*The PCC is not a Structural Warranty.




— Established in 1989.

Our surveyors hold at least one of the following qualifications.


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