What is a commercial property?

Commercial properties are everywhere these days. Our societies are now more built-up than ever before, you’re likely to come across many on just a short drive! This is why, in recent years, the upkeep of these buildings has become increasingly important.

At Architects Certificate, we’re specialists in this area, particularly commercial warranty.  And, here, we offer a little insight into what counts as a commercial property before you come to the experts.

What is commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate, also known as commercial property, is any property that is used for the purposes of making a profit, as well as any form of business activity. Commercial properties are often treated differently than residential properties when it comes to the small print. This is because in some cases, they are not used 24/7 and have spells of inactivity – whether this is due to out of office hours or public holidays.

You can also find that commercial properties cater for a lot more people than a house would. Therefore, they have different regulations to ensure they’re accessible for all. Whether this is for the general public in the form of customers, or employees that may spend a lot of time in the building, you may spot that planning permission runs differently to a residential property.

What classes as a commercial building?

Based on the definition we have given, what exactly could you see listed as a commercial property? The most common commercial buildings are facilities such as shopping centres, supermarkets, office spaces and small business shops. Of course, this makes sense, as these buildings are used for the purpose of making a profit.

However, did you know that large residential areas can also be classed as commercial buildings? This is because a landlord can rent out their property to be lived in. It’s worth keeping this in mind when looking for a building warranty for your property.

Obtaining a warranty for your commercial property

As the experts here at Architects Certificate, you may be wondering how we can help you in terms of getting a commercial warranty for your building. We’re able to help with all kinds of commercial buildings,  including those which are used both residentially and commercially.

By this, we mean buildings that are perhaps used commercially on the ground floor, turning the facilities into a small business store, for example. Then on top of this lies apartments where people live, most commonly found on a high street in a town centre.

We use our industry experience and expertise to help you achieve this kind of building warranty with ease, so you can be confident that you’re in safe hands and will always receive the best possible deal. Our experts offer a thorough yet easy to grasp service, so you can be sure that you’re always covered against any defects experienced by your building.

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Published Date: 5th November 2021
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