Buying a new building is an exciting time for all involved. We’re not talking about purchasing something that’s been standing for a while, either. We mean a building that is freshly built, ready to be used as you see fit. But, as with any other building, there are certain assurances you should be given so that you’re covered in the event of structural or design issues.

This is why obtaining the best level of new build cover is crucial, keeping you insured in case the worst happens. Although with a new build you’d expect these problems to be minimal, it doesn’t always work out that way. That’s why, by working with Architects Certificate, you can assure yourself of this protection with our builder’s warranty on new homes and enjoy using your new building with confidence.

For a period of 10 years, you can benefit from our new build guarantee, keeping you covered during the early years of your building’s existence.

What does a new build warranty include?

It’s important to understand what’s included in this warranty so you know exactly what you can be covered for. The 10-year period is split into two parts, with the first two years of the warranty known as the defects insurance period. This is included to hold the builder to account should there be any issues with the work completed. During the first two years of the new build warranty, if any of problems are discovered, such as faulty pipes or windows, the builder is obliged to come and fix them, free of charge.

The remaining eight years make up the structural insurance period. During this time, the builder has fewer liabilities for any damages found, because any smaller issues are often put down to general wear and tear as opposed to a fundamental structural problem. The builder is only responsible for issues with the foundations, roofs, ceilings, chimneys, etc.

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Do I need to get a new build warranty?

From a legal standpoint there is nothing that requires the developer of a new build home to provide a new build warranty on a property. However, most mortgage lenders won’t provide finance on a new build – or any development – without warranty cover.

This is to minimise the risk of losses by ensuring finance is available to repair any structural defects found in the property once the buyer has moved in.

So for the most part, new build warranties are provided to reduce the risk of losing out on potential buyers who need a mortgage.

A new build warranty lasts for 10 years. During the first two years of the owner moving in, it also states that the developer is responsible for fixing any defects.

What does a new build warranty cover?

Despite the property being new, it’s still possible to experience some structural defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. A new build warranty – which is taken out by the developer – provides protection for the new owner for 10 years and covers any defects found once they’ve moved in.

If you’re buying a completed property, a new build warranty is typically split into two time periods.

The first two years is often referred to as the defects insurance period, and states that the new build developer is required to fix and defects found in the property during that time. After the period, cover is still provided but the buyer becomes responsible for sourcing the work to fix any issues.

During this time, the developer will only be responsible for fixing any major structural issues like problems with the foundation.

What doesn’t a new build warranty cover?

New build warranties are issued to protect buyers from the costs of fixing structural defect caused because of faulty materials or poor workmanship during the development.

What they usually don’t cover is damage caused by general wear and tear over time, or damage caused by weather and natural events. They’re specifically for structural defects caused during the build.

You might be able to get cover under the new build warranty for damage caused by damp or condensation building up in the home, but typically this will only be if the damp or condensation is due to the developer not complying with building standards.

Your new build warranty also won’t cover any defects that occur as a result of the buyer failing to properly maintain or look after the building.

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