What is a Self-Build Warranty?

Building a custom home should be a dream come true, with every element created to your exact requirements. However, there’s always the risk that latent structural defects could disrupt your self-build dream, no matter how careful you or your contractors try to be.

That’s where a Self-Build Warranty comes in, offering long-term financial protection against the cost of repairing structural failures. This kind of Self-Build Latent Defects Insurance can also encourage lenders that providing funds for your project isn’t too risky of an investment.

There are many unique challenges involved with self-build homes, especially if planning permissions and building practices are all-new territory for you. Why leave yourself open to significant financial losses when you could purchase peace of mind with a Self-Build Structural Warranty?

Are you constructing a custom-designed home?

Anyone planning to oversee a self-build project and live in the property when it’s completed should have Self-Build Structural Cover. If you have a plot of land but construction is yet to commence, it’s likely that you’ll need a Structural Warranty in order to secure the funding for the project.

Similarly, if you intend to occupy the home for several years but could possibly sell it on within the next decade, then potential buyers will need the security of an existing policy. Not only does this protection make the property more attractive, but it also enables the buyers to get a mortgage.

As your self-build progresses, you’ll have the reassurance of the Structural Defects Warranty to back you up. Regular surveys and reports from the provider will ensure that construction is going smoothly and in compliance with the law, reducing the risk of latent defects occurring.

What does a Self-Build Structural Warranty cover?

Either the builder, developer, or future homeowner can take out a Structural Warranty for a self-build, but it’s usually done by the owner, since it’s their home being built from the ground up. This type of policy tends to be transferable, meaning it can be assigned to the first property owner or a new owner without affecting the terms.

If you’re going to own and live in the home, then having legal protection against defective design and workmanship can be invaluable. A Self-Build Warranty will cover your property for a fixed term of 10-12 years after completion, but it can also protect you if the contractors become insolvent at any point before the construction work finishes.

With this warranty, your builders will be held responsible for any structural problems that become apparent in the first 2 years, and will be legally obligated to rectify them at their own expense (or under their own insurance). After that, the specific builders don’t have to perform the repairs, but your Self-Build Structural Warranty can pay for the work if you make a successful claim before the end of the insurance term (either 10 or 12 years).

Why choose us for your Self-Build Warranty?

We understand the importance of Structural Defects Protection at ABC+ Warranty & Architects Certificate, which is why we offer a range of Structural Warranty solutions and certifications. We make it easy to get a quote online, giving you an indication of the cost before you commit to us.

When we offer you a formal quote in writing, you can be sure that there are no hidden costs to trip you up later on. We operate honestly and thoroughly, and our expert team is always available to give advice if you need more information on our Self-Build Warranties or other products.

Simply call us on 0161 928 8804 or send an email to info@architectscertificate.co.uk and we’ll gladly resolve your enquiries. Get in touch today to secure a Self-Build Structural Warranty accepted by a wide selection of approved lenders on the Council of Mortgage Lenders list.


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Why do I need a Self-Build Warranty?

Not everyone involved in a self-build project will have experience in construction. Without in-depth knowledge of Building Regulations and structural integrity, you might not realise that others are making technical mistakes when constructing your self-build property. If you don’t know what to look out for, you should entrust an expert surveyor like those on our team to do it for you.

Most Structural Warranty claims are a result of poor workmanship that wasn’t noted at the time, which is why extensive auditing throughout construction and Latent Defects Insurance extending past completion are so important. No doubt you’re investing a lot of money into your dream home, so you don’t want to incur financial losses if a structural element fails later on.

Aside from the security and peace of mind having a Self-Build Structural Warranty can give you, many lenders will require this policy to be in place before agreeing to loan you anything. If you’re relying on a self-build mortgage with stage payments to fund the project, then you’ll definitely need this warranty. It’s likely that a Professional Consultants Certificate won’t be enough.

When should I get a Self-Build Warranty?

While it’s possible to get a Completed Property Warranty after the construction is already finished, it’s not advisable to wait that long for a self-build home. If your mortgage provider needs up-to-date reports to release your funds, you’ll have to cover the upfront costs yourself before the bank can ‘reimburse’ you at the end, which is far too expensive for most people to manage.

It’s best to secure a Self-Build Warranty as early as possible in the process, so that regular and comprehensive checks can happen right from the beginning. As soon as you have acquired the land, and all the planning documents and cost calculations are organised, you should start looking for a suitable Structural Warranty to cover your self-build development.

As a general guide, it’s advisable to purchase a Self-Build Structural Warranty around 2-3 weeks before works begin on the site. The Chartered Surveyors can then analyse your technical plans, and schedule and carry out staged inspections to identify any issues before they can cause problems later. If you do wait until after completion, you’ll definitely need a warranty before moving in.

Will an existing Self-Build Warranty cover renovations?

Self-building usually involves starting completely from scratch, constructing a custom-designed house on an otherwise empty plot of land. However, extensive refurbishments on partial or dilapidated structures can also count as self-builds in some cases – such as barn conversions.

If you have an existing Structural Warranty on the property as it stands, then renovations will usually invalidate that policy, as it won’t cover the new structure. You can either contact your warranty provider to see if they can update it, or secure a new policy for the altered structure.

The same applies if you complete an 100% original self-build property, then decide to make renovations during its Structural Warranty term. Of course, further construction works will also affect your separate home insurance policy, which must be updated or replaced as well.

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