Protek Warranty alternative -Our ABC+ 10 & 12 Year Structural Warranty could save you thousands of pounds.

Here at ABC+ Warranty, we offer to beat any other genuine quotation that you may have received from another provider such as Protek.

Click here to obtain your no fuss QUICK QUOTE and join the tens of thousands of ABC+ clients that have already saved thousands of pounds in insurance premiums.

This is because unlike any of our competitors, we do not charge unnecessary Registration fees, Renewal fees or holding bonds.

Also, if preferred, you can commence with our 6 Year CML Professional Consultants Certificate (accepted by most banks and building societies) and if a particular lender or purchaser prefers a 10 year Structural Warranty, we simply upgrade that property to our ABC+ 10 Year Structural Warranty Certificate saving you even more money.

Also suitable for those purchasing their homes under the government’s Help to Buy scheme.

Our award-winning ABC+ Structural Warranty covers all types of properties from residential to commercial, newly built to converted, mixed development schemes to single dwellings, housing associations to self-builders.

ABC+ Warranty can be taken out at any stage of works but do remember that it is less expensive if we are appointed prior to commencement of works.

We also provide you with full access to our survey reports for all inspections carried out to your property.

We are not a broker and therefore there are no broker fees.
Our ABC+ Warranty Certificate can be issued within minutes not weeks or months. 

The ABC+ system is a unique, trade-marked system for Architects Certificate & Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd  2017




— Established in 1989.

Our surveyors hold at least one of the following qualifications.


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