What does a Structural Warranty include?

A Structural Warranty will protect you against any defects found in your domestic or commercial property.

Like any insurance policy, the specific details of your plan and what will be covered depends on your individual circumstances and the nature of the project.

But each policy will be essentially built around many of the same products or cover for similar issues.

In this guide, we’ll look at the basic aspects that can be covered by a Structural Warranty.

Insolvency of the developer

If you buy a Structural Warranty before the start of the project, you can request protection against the insolvency of the developer during the construction of the property.

This ensures you remain financially protected in the event the developer becomes insolvent and can’t complete your project.

This insolvency protection is something you must request at the initial quotation stage of your warranty.

Defects insurance for a period up to 24 months after practical completion

A defects insurance policy is usually counted as the first two years of the structural warranty.

During this period the developer will be deemed responsible for putting right any defects identified on the project

Structural insurance after 24 months have elapsed from practical completion

After the first two years of the warranty, the warranty provider becomes responsible for sorting out any valid claims from structural defects.

If valid defects are discovered, your provider will sort out the repair work for you, and you’ll be financially covered for the cost of any repair work or rebuilds.

Contaminated land cover

If you begin a construction project and later discover contamination on the site, it could end up costing significant amounts to either decontaminate the area, or shut down and construction and then find somewhere else.

Your warranty will help cover the costs you face if you build on land found to be contaminated after the start of the project.

Alternative accommodation costs

If you need to find alternative accommodation as a result of repair or rebuilding work needed on your property, then a Structural Warranty will protect you financially from the cost of doing so.

If you’re running a commercial property, this will help you cover the loss of rent from tenants who have to relocate due to repairs or rebuilding.


If you end up facing any fees as a result of structural defects found on your property, your Structural Warranty will help you cover the costs.

Removal of debris

If any defects, repairs or rebuilding work leaves debris on your property, it will cost you to have it removed and disposed of.

Your Structural Warranty will help cover the costs of removing any debris.

Choosing the right Structural Warranty

A Structural Warranty has a number of advantages for the end user.

First, it removes the need, expense and time in establishing who is at fault for any defects found in your building.

Any issues are dealt with automatically to put the problems right, while protecting you financially from any costs.

As the policy holder you’re covered against either the full or partial rebuild of a property found to have structural defects, or the costs of repair work.

Your policy can be used to cover the costs of defects as a result of the design, building work or materials used in the project, so you’re completely covered.

If you want to find out more about obtaining a Structural Warranty, get in touch with us today.

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Published Date: 4th August 2021
Category: structural warranty



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