CRL & Alpha Insurance Alternative Solution

If you had a CRL Warranty backed by Alpha Insurance then you now find yourself in a position where you have no cover in place and where potential sales/purchases cannot be completed. Solicitors and lenders would of course not accept a warranty where the insurer is in liquidation. ABC+ Warranty are able to offer you a CRL Warranty alternative. We have been able to help many developers, contractors and property owners who are looking for an alternative solution to enable them to refinance or sell their property.

We are able to offer a Professional Consultant Certificate. A PCC is a CML approved Certificate which acts as an assurance to a bank or lender that any new build or newly converted property has had the relevant checks and the projects works conform to the approved plans. This can be issued retrospectively and is normally 50% cheaper than a structural warranty.

This can get your refinancing or sale of a property back on track as certificates can be issued in a matter of minutes once a site inspection has been carried out.

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Published Date: 5th November 2019
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