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Are you aware of your insurance obligations as a builder or self-builder?
In addition to structural warranties, do you know that as Appointed Representatives of Momentum Broker Solutions Ltd we can advise you on your insurance needs. Please remember that there are several requirements for insurance when constructing a new dwelling, namely:
  • Employers’ liability insurance e.g. £10 million cover
  • Public liability insurance e.g. £2 million cover
  • Contract works insurance – cover for your self build or larger development during the course of construction
  • Plant and tools owned by the proposer e.g. £20,000 cover
  • Tools and personal effects owned by employees e.g. £2,000 cover
  • Site huts and caravans e.g. £30,000 plus £5,000 for contents cover
Liability Insurance (Employers’ and Public).

It is vital to have the right kind of builders’ insurance in place. Here at Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd we work hard to bring our clients the best builders’ liability insurance which will protect them in the event of any mishaps or disasters. Be aware there will always be an element of danger involved in working as a builder, the potential legal repercussions of you injuring a third party or damaging their property should not be taken lightly. This is where builders liability insurance comes in.

Contract Works Insurance.

Contract Works insurance, at it’s simplest, covers the works in progress on a construction site for almost any peril or loss, such as fire, flood, storm, malicious damage and theft. For example, if a contractor is building a new house, a Contract Works policy will insure the new works in course of erection and the associated materials and fittings.

Tools, plant and site huts etc.

Our 18 surveyors here at Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd visit many hundreds of building sites when surveying for new dwellings, they often report back to us to say a theft has taken place.  Please don’t be caught out, consider insuring your plant, tools and other site items.

What else should you consider?

As with all insurance policies, you must read the ‘key facts’ or summary of cover. A ‘key facts’ or summary of cover will be provided on request. Does it fulfill your needs?  Please consider: If you hire in plant, will this need insuring? If so, ask the hiring company what their costs are and compare against our Contract Works insurance. Do you have temporary buildings such as toilets or a site office? If you keep valuable tools on site, remember they are vulnerable at all times and not just when you’ve left the site.

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