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Advantage 10-Year Warranty Alternative

- Established in 1989, we have over 30 years of experience in providing building warranties for housing associations and landlords.
- Award-winning products and customer services.
- We guarantee to beat any other genuine Advantage Home Construction Insurance (AHCI) quotation

4.9 Star rating


AHCI Warranty Alternative

Our ABC+ 10 and 12-year Structural Warranty could save you thousands of pounds.

ABC+ Warranty offers to beat any genuine insurance quotation you may receive from another provider, such as Advantage. Unlike our competitors, ABC+ Warranty doesn’t charge unnecessary fees for registrations, renewals, or holding bonds.

As ABC+ is not a broker company, there are no broker fees.

Receive a quick quote for your 10-year Structural Warranty and join tens of thousands of ABC+ clients who can speak highly of our services, thanks to the money they’ve saved on their insurance premiums.

Our ABC+ Warranty Certificate can be issued within minutes, not weeks or months, removing any stress or delay from the process.

As an award-winning business, we can confidently state that the ABC+ structural defects insurance covers all types of properties, from residential to commercial, newly built to converted, mixed development schemes to single dwellings, and housing associations to self-builders.

This policy is also suitable for first-time homeowners using the government’s Help to Buy Scheme.

Appoint ABC+ for your 10Year Structural Warranty

You can take out an ABC+ latent defects insurance warranty at any stage of a building project. However, remember that it’s less expensive if you appoint us before work commences.

If you choose ABC+, our professional team will provide you with full access to our survey reports for all inspections carried out on your property.

If you prefer, you can commence with our six-year CML Professional Consultants Certificate, which is accepted by most banks and building societies.

Then, if a particular lender or purchaser prefers a 10-Year Structural Warranty, we’ll simply upgrade that property to our ABC+ 10-Year Structural Warranty Certificate, which saves you even more money.

What is Advantage Home Construction Insurance?

Advantage is a provider of Structural Defects Insurance and other related construction insurance.

They have been in the industry for many years but, at ABC+ Warranty, we believe our service is better than Advantage, which we’re confident our clients would agree with.

Does ABC+ Offer Warranties to Housing Associations?

Yes! If you’re a housing association that requires a warranty or insurance for your development, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Give us a call at 0161 928 8804, email us at or simply request a quote for free.

ABC+ is a unique trade-marked system for Architects Certificate & Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd (2017).

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    4.9 Star rating


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      Alternatively, Contact Us On The Following:
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      Address: 1 Anchorage Court. Caspian Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 5HH