“What we cover in our Desktop Audit”

Our expert team review your technical information.

All of our certificate services include full desk-top auditing of the technical details of a project. This is an inclusive service representing excellent value for money. A full report is provided following an expert analysis of the plans and technical details; this report highlights the shortcomings of the design (if any) and gives an early warning of potential problems.

Early identification of problems saves £££££s. As an example of this recently, a client had omitted to provide SAP ratings for his self-build, which had the potential for expensive alterations being needed later on in the project. SAP ratings are important for the Energy Performance of the new dwelling, it is mandatory now for a new dwelling to achieve a certain minimum standard, failure to achieve this results in an attempt to retro-fit the house in order to comply.

The client in question was alerted to this failing in his design and was able to inexpensively add in extra insulation early on in the build and thus avoided a catastrophic expense at the end. The desk-top audit (DTA) is an essential part of our certificate process and is included free of charge.




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