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How much does a building warranty cost?

How much does a building warranty cost

While it isn’t required by law to have a building warranty, it’s often a requirement for financial lenders. So, if you want to get a mortgage to help you buy your dream home, you should make sure that the property has a structural warranty.

This policy should cover your property against latent structural defects from poor workmanship. Whether you want to buy or sell a new build within 10 years of its construction, you’ll find it much easier with the reassurance of a building warranty.

Building warranties are a relatively small expense with many benefits, but the cost can vary. Here are some of the main factors that can affect the cost of a structural building warranty.

Location and design

‘Where’ and ‘how’ are two of the most important questions when it comes to securing any type of insurance policy for a building. The property value will obviously vary depending on its size, but there are also regional differences. For example, property prices per square metre are generally higher in London and the surrounding southern area than in most towns in the north of England.

The type of building and its intended purpose will also affect the property’s value. Which materials and construction methods does it use? Will it be residential, commercial, or a mixed development? What about the ground conditions it’s built on? How likely are issues like subsidence and damp?

The larger a property is and the higher the risks associated with its location, design, and materials, the more it will cost to insure – which also applies to structural warranties.

Construction stage

The point the construction process has reached at the time of your application is also an important factor. Any building warranty provider worth their salt will want to inspect the build at key stages, from initial planning to completion, in order to identify any problems before they can cause defects.

If the property isn’t inspected from the beginning, and you only apply for a building warranty at a later stage, the risk of an unnoticed structural issue increases. That means the structural warranty price will also increase to reflect this level of risk. For this reason, it’s best to set up the warranty as soon as possible rather than waiting until partway through construction or until it’s all complete.

While it’s possible to get a kind of completed building warranty in some cases, it’s likely to cost a lot more – so don’t put it off if you want to get the cheapest quote.

Qualifications and experience

Relating to the construction process and materials, the experience of the construction workers not only affects the premiums, but also the likelihood of getting a structural warranty at all – not to mention a mortgage or other funding. Nobody will want to lend money or provide financial cover for a project with a team that has little to no experience in successfully completing projects of its type.

This is why it can be difficult to get a self-build warranty if you’re designing and constructing your own home without being a professional builder or architect. It’s usually the developer or project manager who first takes out the policy at the start, before transferring it to the homebuyer later on.

The more successful projects and years in business they have behind them, plus proof of relevant qualifications, the more likely a provider is to offer a favourable building warranty contract. 

How to get a building warranty quote

If you’re looking for a suitable structural warranty for your building that’s also affordable, why not try the ABC+ Warranty quick quote form? Or, for a more accurate quote that’s tailored to your circumstances, fill out our full quote request form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We understand that you’ll want to shop around for the best offer, but bear in mind that we also offer to beat genuine quotations from other providers. So, if you find a better deal elsewhere, Architects Certificate will always beat it when you come back to us. Ten years of peace of mind are definitely worth the investment, so contact us today to arrange your structural building warranty.


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‘ABC+’ Are Giving Away FREE Tickets To The Home Building & Renovating Show

We are delighted to share the free ticket code with all of our customers and newsreaders.

The Home Building & Renovating show is taking place over 4 days from 24th-27th March at the NEC, Birmingham and has everything you need from product suppliers to professional services, all under one roof!

The show is going to be bigger and better than ever before with property experts on hand to give help and advice for all of your building project needs.

Tips for the show

  • If you have any project drawings, remember to take these with you as it will be far easier to discuss your project in detail with suppliers and professionals if they can see your plans.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. The show covers a vast area and you’ll be spending most of your time on your feet.
  • There will be food and drink halls available but it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of water handy, it’s thirsty work talking to people all day.
  • Plan your day, look at the Exhibitors List and the show map on the website to see who you would like to meet up with in advance.
  • Take a sturdy bag or rucksack with you as you’ll be able to take away lots of information and goodies with you from the show.

On Friday, 25th March at 3.30pm, be sure to attend the Master Class Theatre where ABC+ Warranty will be explaining why Structural Warranties are so important when building your dream home.

Click here for your free tickets


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Why is a 10 year structural warranty so important for your building?

The process of building a new property is exciting for all involved. Every step presents new challenges to overcome as your vision finally comes to fruition. However, there are several less glamorous aspects to sort out so you can use the property safely, ensuring that you’re covered should something go wrong.

This is why you should always look for the best level of structural warranty, like the service provided here at Architects Certificate. We’re able to keep you protected if the worst ever happens to your building (but more on that later), using our many years of industry experience to our advantage. We have perfected our craft so you can benefit from a solid and secure warranty for your building.

So, enough on what we can do; what is this kind of protection, and why is it so crucial?

What is a 10 year structural warranty?

To ensure that your building is covered against damage in the first 10 years of its ‘life’, you should invest in a 10 year structural warranty. Without this, any issues that could seriously disrupt the condition of the building will have to be repaired out of your pocket, rather than those at fault paying for the damage they’re responsible for.

It includes damages that show up later, which weren’t picked up on during initial construction, perhaps being intentionally hidden by those working on your property or not fully checked before work is wrapped up. An example of this is windows that are sealed incorrectly – this is down to the specialist that fitted your windows, and shouldn’t be your responsibility to pay for.

If covered by a 10 year structural warranty, you won’t have to pay for any structural repairs that become apparent later, meaning you can quickly receive a solution to the problem at a better standard than it was before.

Why is it important to have a structural warranty?

We all know that it’s very useful to have this kind of structural warranty associated with your new build, but in most cases, it’s a necessity! If you’re looking for a mortgage straight away on the property, then the majority of UK lenders will check whether you have a structural warranty in place when deciding whether to grant you a loan.

Not only this, but a structural warranty of this kind will also keep you covered in every aspect. Sure, you can sign a contract with your building company stating that they will repair any damages that your building falls foul to in the first few years. But what if that company goes out of business? The responsibility will then fall back on you.

With a 10 year structural warranty on your property, you can be sure that even if this is the case, you’ll still be able to claim against any damage – regardless of the trading status of the contractor.

Do you think you could benefit from structural warranty?

Available for both residential and commercial properties, obtaining a 10 year structural warranty is vital in ensuring that your building is covered in the event of damage, as well as giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Here at Architects Certificate, we’re on hand to provide expert advice and the insurance that the early years of your building will pass without a hitch. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the structural warranty we offer onsite!

You can speak to one of our team regarding any enquiries by giving us a call on 0161 928 8804 to talk to us directly, or drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Similarly, you can fill out our relevant forms for a quick quote about our 10 year warranty, or make a full application online.


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ABC Christmas Hours 2021

The image above details our Christmas opening times.

For any further information, please contact us on 0161 928 8804 or get in touch via

Merry Christmas!


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What is a commercial property?

Commercial properties are everywhere these days. Our societies are now more built-up than ever before, you’re likely to come across many on just a short drive! This is why, in recent years, the upkeep of these buildings has become increasingly important.

At Architects Certificate, we’re specialists in this area, particularly commercial warranty.  And, here, we offer a little insight into what counts as a commercial property before you come to the experts.

What is commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate, also known as commercial property, is any property that is used for the purposes of making a profit, as well as any form of business activity. Commercial properties are often treated differently than residential properties when it comes to the small print. This is because in some cases, they are not used 24/7 and have spells of inactivity – whether this is due to out of office hours or public holidays.

You can also find that commercial properties cater for a lot more people than a house would. Therefore, they have different regulations to ensure they’re accessible for all. Whether this is for the general public in the form of customers, or employees that may spend a lot of time in the building, you may spot that planning permission runs differently to a residential property.

What classes as a commercial building?

Based on the definition we have given, what exactly could you see listed as a commercial property? The most common commercial buildings are facilities such as shopping centres, supermarkets, office spaces and small business shops. Of course, this makes sense, as these buildings are used for the purpose of making a profit.

However, did you know that large residential areas can also be classed as commercial buildings? This is because a landlord can rent out their property to be lived in. It’s worth keeping this in mind when looking for a building warranty for your property.

Obtaining a warranty for your commercial property

As the experts here at Architects Certificate, you may be wondering how we can help you in terms of getting a commercial warranty for your building. We’re able to help with all kinds of commercial buildings,  including those which are used both residentially and commercially.

By this, we mean buildings that are perhaps used commercially on the ground floor, turning the facilities into a small business store, for example. Then on top of this lies apartments where people live, most commonly found on a high street in a town centre.

We use our industry experience and expertise to help you achieve this kind of building warranty with ease, so you can be confident that you’re in safe hands and will always receive the best possible deal. Our experts offer a thorough yet easy to grasp service, so you can be sure that you’re always covered against any defects experienced by your building.

Get in touch today

Do you know want to know more about our 10 year building warranty service and how you can benefit? Speak to our friendly team today with any enquiries you may have by giving us a call on 0161 928 8804 or emailing us at You can also fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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Grand Designs Show NEC Free Tickets 6-10th October 2021

We will be exhibiting at this years Grand Designs Shows at the NEC from the October 6-10th 2021 and we are pleased to offer complimentary tickets for those who wish to attend.

Please click here to obtain your free tickets.


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Careers in Construction

Everyone matters and here at ABC+ Warranty,
that includes young people that tend to be overlooked.

A Level and GCSE grades are important but equally
it isn’t the end of the world if you haven’t received
The grades that you were hoping for this week.

Jacob is currently working through his Summer holidays with one of our amazing clients, ‘Villam Developments’– experts in property conversions.

Jacob is hoping to learn all of the building trades required to become a property developer from brick laying to building surveying.

“I am learning so much on a building site and I am being trained by highly skilled people including a master stonemason”.

ABC+ Supporting work experience and professional development of young people.

Jacob Reid, 17 and currently studying:
Geology, Business Studies & Geography at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys

There are so many routes into the construction industry:

  • On site work experience, NOT dependent upon GCSE or A-Level grades
  • An apprenticeship scheme which combines both on-site training with a choice of different degrees in construction at a local university. Most GCSE, BTEC and/or A-Level grades are considered.
  • Full time university degree in a specific area of construction or property design.

This is a list of just a few of the many careers available in construction:

Architect/ Building Control Inspector/ Building Surveyor/ Civil Engineer/ Construction Manager/ Crane Operator/ Damp proof specialist/ Drainage Engineer/  Energy Assessor/ Electrical Engineer/ Environmental Advisor/ Fire Engineer/ Heritage Consultant/Interior Designer/ Land Surveyor/ Landscape Architect/ Quantity Surveyor

ABC+ Warranty are actively encouraging all construction related employers to support and teach only the highest quality standards for the construction of new homes and converted properties.

We are also proudly supporting 2 apprentices through a 5 year RICS Building Surveying degree whilst they receive invaluable on the job experience.

ABC+ is the only Structural Warranty company in the UK that is a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) registered firm.

Certifying properties built to last for generations.

Get your QuickQuote today for our award winning
ABC+ Warranty or tel. 0161 928 8804


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Property Developers – DON’T FALL PREY!

When building a property or converting a building into residential dwellings, 2 types of certificates are available once a property is completed and you CAN NOT SELL the completed property without one of these!

Either of these certificates should only be issued by a professionally qualified person such as a Chartered Building Surveyor who has monitored and/orchecked the works that have been carried out have been done so to a satisfactory standard and that the property is fit for purpose for future homeowners and their mortgage lenders to rely upon these certificates.

A Structural Warranty

In the event of a defect in workmanship, product or design discovered up to 10years after the completed works, a claim may be made to rectify or even rebuildthe property.


If a defect is discovered up to 6 years after the completed works whereby the defect could have been identified and/ or prevented during the Monitoring Building Surveyors inspections, a claim may be made to rectify or even rebuild the property.

As mortgage lenders are tightening up their lending criteria, unless a provider of aPCC or a Warranty has been appointed from the commencement of works the lender may reject either of these certificates.
This may prevent the property from being mortgageable! Don’t get caught out!


Despite the majority of mortgage lenders stating that they accept both types of these certificates under the UK Finance mortgage lenders handbook,
6.7.4 AND 6.7.1 of their lending criteria, this MAY NOT always be the case. We would always recommend appointing a PCC or Warranty provider
BEFORE works start, not only because of the above, but because it is also much more cost-effective. This is because there is more risk involved from an insurance claims point of view, if works have not been monitored throughout the construction stages and the Monitoring Building Surveyor may not be able to see any defects that have been covered over.

Warranties – Not Cut and Dry

It’s important to note that if a Warranty provider has been called in late in the day, ie when the property has already been completed, the level of cover provided under the Warranty certificate is identical to the cover provided had the property been monitored throughout. The only difference is the cost to purchase such cover. Typically this can be twice as expensive if not more than appointing a provider from the commencement of works.

Fair For All Budgets

A Structural Warranty is typicaly twice the price of a PCC. So depending on your budget, a Structural Warranty is not always an option for a self-builder or smaller developer and in those cases, a PCC would be their only option.

Don’t Put It Off

Appoint a certificate provider from the commencement of works!


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ABC+ Tackles rural Scotland

Structural warranty provider, ABC+ Warranty has reported another high level of activity in the construction industry from new build to conversion works. The Structural warranty provider is constantly looking at ways to maintain its award-winning services through the whole of the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We already provide the fastest quotation service in the UK so this will bring more benefits to ABC+ customers and staff.

Life Construction

Life Construction is an up and coming team of specialist builders, who are bringing a new concept into the construction world, supported and surveyed by ABC+ Warranty, Principal, Building Surveyor Jason Burns RICS.

Building from the ground up in rural Scotland, Life Construction is tackling a new build for the first time and are looking to progress in the construction market. Constructing a new build using off-site sustainably manufactured timber frame building creates many benefits for timber frame buildings: Cost-effective, labour saving, quick turn around. Such timber frame buildings are also highly versatile as they can be clad in almost any building material. Cladding in general should comply with the latest fire regulation requirements found here

Structural Timber Association

STA sets out guidance for the professionals involved in monitoring timber frame constructions, also using the Building Regulations limiting risk.
Designers will have to specify materials that:

– Reduce the potential for fire ignition
– Limit the spread of fire
– Stop the passage of hot gases and smoke

Structural Engineers will influence the material choice to provide ‘passive protection’

ABC+ Warranties Influence

ABC Chartered Building Surveyors perform a desktop assessment, ensuring approved materials carry CE markings. Within the CE marking process, there is a requirement to declare the reaction to fire for timber products. The required level of fire performance for structures is typically given in terms of a reaction to fire classification and a fire-resistance rating, as given in the Building Regulations. In timber frame buildings, fire resistance is typically achieved by providing fire-resistant linings to compartment floors and walls. The spread of fire through concealed cavities is restricted using cavity barriers; typically positioned in the external cavity walls between the timber frame structure and the cladding materials. A cavity barrier is a material filling a gap that provides 30 minutes resistance to fire, as proven by fire tests or assessments.

Furnace tests are used to determine the duration of time that a structural assembly retains its stability, insulation and integrity. Structural timber buildings are designed to be robust against fire. The use of timber in the building’s structure has design principles that are tried and tested in the construction industry and have demonstrated that timber structures can comply with fire regulations…

Life Construction’s Timber frame Specification:

  • Internal Board: 11mm OSB 13mm Plasterboard External Cladding: T-Vind 11mm OSB Top Plate Support: C24 Timber. Non-combustible Horizontal cladding pre-finished colour. Cavity fire stops around openings, 1st floor, vertical & horizontal cavities.
  • ABC Regional Monitoring Surveyors (RMS) check compliance through the Building Regulations to ensure the robustness of buildings against fire.
  • Fact on Fire – UK Building Regulations and other fire safety regulations are among the most stringent in the world. Timber frame buildings comply with this.
  • The STA provides guidance on how to use such materials in such a way that our buildings are safe, robust, durable and appropriate.
  • Technical experts such as NHBC, TRADA and BRE consider timber frames to be an acceptable method of building.

ABC+ Warranty Property Insurance

ABC+ Warranty offers the most cost-effective mortgage lender approved 10 Year Structural Warranty certification in the UK. For Life Construction and our many other satisfied clients, we offer high-quality customer service and support from start to finish on your Build project. ABC+ is lean and resilient, with forward-thinking investments in both staff and technologies, ensuring customers receive value for money during these uncertain times. As part of the warranty cover, our Principal Surveyor Jason has completed a full plan check and to date, carried out regular Zoom inspections in addition to physical site inspections at key stages of the Build process for this type of new build project.

Happy to help.

Get our QUICK QUOTE today or call us t. 0161 928 8804 to speak directly to our Warranty Team


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Critical Inspections for Building Sites

With COVID (19) affecting most industries in the UK, there has never been a more important time than now to ensure that your building project is being adequately protected with frequent monitoring of works by surveying professionals.

After liaising closely with Government officials, it was welcoming news to receive the letter of comfort to the construction industry on the 31st March issued by The Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, highlighting the importance of the construction industry whilst keeping building sites open and operational.

ABC+ Warranty are one of the remaining Structural Warranty companies that remain fully operational and equipped to carry out professional inspection services by their team of fully Chartered Surveyors.

With the majority of other Warranty providers choosing not to continue to assist clients at this time and instead, leaving clients potentially exposed and vulnerable if works are progressing without professional guidance.

‘It’s not the strongest that survive but the one most adaptable to change’, “never has a truer phrase been spoken in our current economy. We are an ever-evolving business but one thing never changes, our core values; Customer Care and Quality Buildings certified to last for generations” says ABC+ Managing Director, Adele Reid.

As part of their duty of care to both Surveyors and their clients, ABC+ have issued the following InspectionProtocol which sets out clear requirements and boundaries to be followed to ensure inspections can be carried out professionally and safely by all concerned.

Inspecting properties since 1989, ABC+ Warranty would like to share their wealth of expertise and information available to them from various industry sources starting with recent guidelines issued by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) detailing SiteOperating Procedures – which sets out practical measures for construction sites to comply with Public Health England’s guidance on distancing and hygiene.

ABC+ offer a range of services covering all areas of the UK including; 10 & 12 Year Structural Warranties, 6 Year Professional Consultant Certificates, Road Bonds, Contractors All Risk insurance and Building Control services.

With banks and building societies providing mortgage holiday payments, there has never been a better time to secure a quotation with ABC+.  Payment option plans are available at no extra cost with affordable fixed prices, available until 31st August 2020.

Click to obtain your QUICK QUOTE, or call 0161 928 8804 to discuss your building requirements.


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