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Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd sponsor local charity ball

On Friday 24th June we were delighted to support the Bowdon prep School Ball raising money for a local charity CAFT (The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust) who organise special events and holidays for disabled and disadvantaged children.

A fabulous time was had by all from the celebrity compare Mike Toolan, Can Can Girls, Accordionist Yvette and the infamous ‘Chamber Choir’ presented by Mrs Patterson.

The event raised in excess of £16,000.

Professional Consultant Certificate Ltd offer home warranties for new and converted properties


Published Date: 11th July 2016
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Can your buyer get a mortgage on the house you are building?

Getting a mortgage on a new build house can sometimes be difficult.

To be sure you can get a mortgage it is often necessary to have a home warranty or professional consultants certificate which is CML, now known as UK Finance (Council of Mortgage Lenders) Approved.

Larger home builders typically arrange for new build homes to be covered by NHBC cover. It is often cheaper though to ‘shop around’ for other suitable home warranty’s which the CML, now known as UK Finance also approve. This will be of particular interest to smaller builders building just one or two new homes and self builders.

Companies such as Professional Consultants Certificates Ltd offer both professional consultants certificates and long 10+ year home warranty’s. These are often over half the price of NHBC cover and are well worth investigating.


Published Date: 16th May 2016
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Architects Certificate vs NHBC

full site inspections

We are often asked to compare the NHBC warranty to an Architect’s Certificate

We have seen media articles warning of the danger of using an Architects Certificate over a full warranty. It should be said these are two very different and separate systems performing different tasks and its like comparing apples to oranges.

For example an Architects Certificate is for 6 years duration and a NHBC warranty is for 10 years.

However, the main issue is about accountability since remedial repairs are possible for both systems. Worthy of note is that there are far more complaints about the NHBC’s track record than any individual Architect.

When choosing your Architect to carry out monitoring and site checks please … CHOOSE A WELL ESTABLISHED COMPANY. 

BE WARNED: YOU ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE IF YOU CHOOSE AN ARCHITECT WITH NO OFFICE OR LAND LINE PHONE , since it is very likely he won’t be around in six years time. Obtain his credentials: is he insured properly? Is he registered for VAT? Does his certificate comply with the Council of Mortgage Lenders requirements? We offer a free checking system for examining compliant certificates.

Since 1989 our MD at Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd has advised thousands of house-buyers and builders on the pros and cons of both systems. If you are in any doubt please ask to speak to one of our highly qualified staff or even our MD. Our 16 surveyors are covered by a two million pounds professional indemnity policy.

certificateplus+ building warrantyOur unique CERTIFICATEPLUS+ system  means that you can start on a low cost certificate and at any time during or after the project you can upgrade to a fully compliant warranty.


Published Date: 19th February 2014
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Great Success for the Latest Architects Certificate Meeting

Our annual CPD meeting for our sixteen surveyors happened on Friday the 1st of November. This was a great success for Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd. Many issues were raised and solutions discussed… all surveyors left the meeting being satisfied with our general improvements to our surveying services. Our unique product of CertificatePlus+ has matured to a fully functional warranty service, which is considerably cheaper than an NHBC warranty. We have achieved an association with various warranty providers enabling our clients to achieve a seamless surveying service to a ten year defects policy.





Published Date: 18th November 2013
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HSBC now proceed without full warranty

Great News!

The CML, now known as UK Finance (Council for Mortgage Lenders) have recently updated their list of building societies and banks that accept our certificate. There are now in excess of 100 building societies and banks that accept the Professional Consultants Certificate.

The HSBC bank do not usually accept a Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC), however they will now lend against converted properties without the need for a full warranty.

This provides considerable savings for the developer inasmuch a large house converted into flats can be done on a PCC (for peace of mind for the developer and client) without the need for a full warranty…. this is the actual wording below:

‘… for Converted Properties we will proceed providing confirmation is received that the property is subject to full building regulations, planning permissions and completion certificate.

CARE for Conversions where FULL STRUCTURAL alterations have occurred then a New Home Warranty scheme should be in place as detailed in Section 2 6.7.1′

You can also check out this link.


Published Date: 13th September 2013
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Architects Certificate Extended Opening Hours

From the second week in September the Architects Certificate customer service team will be available much later in the day. Our new telephone reception will extend to 16:30. This will enable a much improved service to answer all of your professional consultants certificate enquiries. As the market leader for the industry we can offer very competitive quotes. Go with the best forget the rest. Established 1989.


Published Date: 20th August 2013
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Professional Consultants Certificates now in Northern Ireland

professional consultants certificate in northern ireland Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd welcomes Roger Patton as our Northern Ireland regional surveyor. Roger is a very experienced surveyor who has specialised in residential construction for many years. Roger also offers architectural services in addition to site monitoring.

Enquiries are now welcome from Belfast, Omagh, Londonderry, Newcastle, Ballymena, Enniskillen.


Published Date: 20th August 2013
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Professional Consultants Certificate March 2013 News

Welcome to the March edition of the Architects Certificate monthly newsletter. This Month we revisit the Eco-Build in Penymynydd and a new site in Rhyl, we are also making constant changes to our advertising methods and website.

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Published Date: 16th May 2013
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Professional Consultants Certificate February 2013 News

Welcome to the February edition of the Architects Certificate monthly newsletter.
This month’s newsletter is a bumper edition featuring 5 sites that were visited in early February. There have also been a few updates to the website such as the addition of a testimonials section.

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Published Date: 7th March 2013
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Professional Consultants Certificate September 2012 News

Welcome to the September edition of the Architects Certificate monthly newsletter. This month has seen many new additions to Architects Certificate, not only in the services that we provide but in terms of 2 new RMSs. This allows us to be more efficient, cover a greater area and provide our services to more clients nationwide.

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Published Date: 13th October 2012
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