CML Compliant Professional Consultants Certificates and Warranties for New and Converted Properties

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Retrospective Certificates and Warranty

Do you know that we can provide your certification and/or warranty after the construction of your project? This is a more expensive process than having us in at the start, however it is possible and can help to secure your sale or re-mortgaging.

Why is this sometimes necessary?

Following the financial disruption of 2008- 2012 there has been a general tightening of financial procedures throughout the property industry. This has led in many cases to a demand for additional certification, documentation and a general ‘ticking the boxes’ mentality. This in turn has generated an influx of requests from legal teams for the provision of either an ‘Architect Certificate’, Professional Consultants Certificate,Warranty and/or Building Control sign-off. All of this documentation is now an essential requirement on any sale of converted or newly created dwellings.¬†Sometimes this can be very difficult or even impossible to achieve when considering many projects are either completed or well along the way to being completed and without the necessary paperwork being in place from the outset.

The safest and best option in these circumstances is a Retrospective Warranty. Such a warranty will be for the remaining period of ten years from the date of the completion of the dwelling e.g. a property completed ,say, three years ago would receive a seven year duration warranty. In most circumstances this will fulfill the lenders’ requirements. A Retrospective Professional Consultants Certificate or PCC can be issued, the monitoring surveyor’s involvement is limited to what he can see by final inspection and/or disruptive ‘opening-up works’ to check some details. The issuing surveyor will also rely heavily upon the building control inspector’s documented monitoring to check earlier stages of the project. A Retrospective PCC will have amended wording to reflect the true nature of the surveyors’ involvement.

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