Professional Consultants Certificate November 2012 News

Welcome to the November edition of the Architects Certificate monthly newsletter. This month has seen new additions and extensions to the many services that will be invaluable to our clients as well as new positions becoming available within Architects Certificate.

The biggest piece of news this month is the launch of a new website for retrospective certification also known as RetroCert, this can be viewed at www.retrocert.co.uk. This website provides technical information and product support regarding retrospective architects’ services. These services are provided after the building is complete and are invaluable for clients trying to complete a sale when some or all of the essential documentation is missing. It’s definitely worth a look for both new and veteran developers and self-builders. This new website has an accompanying Twitter page so follow it at twitter.com/RetroCert for the latest news and updates.

This month the final visit was made on a project in Macclesfield, this is the development of a disused public house into modern apartments. This project is featured in the case studies section on the website and took less than 10 months from start to finish. The final certificate was issued within days of our final inspection, this will provide 6 years of cover. Throughout the project we also provided interim certificates to allow for the drawdown of funds for the continuation of the project.

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The above images show what the building was like just after work started, and show what is achievable in such a short space of time. This is considering that the rest of the building at the commencement of works was in a greater state of disrepair than that shown above.  This case study on our website has been updated and is now listed as completed, have a look to find out more details about this project from start to finish. At the time of writing, two of the five apartments were already occupied.

New positions have become available within Architects Certificate, This month the position for a RMS in the Leeds area has become vacant. If you operate in the area and wish to become part of a nationwide team then check out the recruitment page.

This concludes the October edition of the Architects Certificate Newsletter, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter using the links below.

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Published Date: 4th December 2012
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