Professional Consultants Certificate June 2012 News

Welcome to our first Architects Certificate newsletter, these will be published on a monthly basis and will bring you up to date with changes in the company, exciting news, industry developments and insights into exciting projects currently underway.

This month has brought many changes to Architects Certificate, the first being the move to brand new offices. Not only are they larger but they also provide a higher level of comfort when working. This has given a boost to an already creative and dynamic working environment, and has helped is be more efficient and effective in serving our clients, who are based all over the United Kingdom

Professional Consultants Certificate / Architects Certificate are based in Altrincham near Manchester, and have surveyors, engineers and architects covering vast areas like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds and all major cities in England and Wales.

One major event this month was the first meeting of the RMSs (Regional Monitoring Surveyors) at Architects Certificate head office. This bought together many construction professionals from various sectors of the building design industry to discuss the direction of the company and bring new ideas to the table. Many of the RMSs travelled from places as far away as Cornwall, Greater London and Norfolk.

The attendees were also issued with hard hats and high visibility jackets all sporting the Architects Certificate logos, as well as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certificates to show the contribution to the lively get together.

This also provided the perfect opportunity to announce our new flagship scheme known as CertificatePlus+ (an innovative and beneficial piece of building warranty legislation – details will be issued shortly) but rest-assured the team at Architects Certificate is working hard to bring this fledgling idea to fruition.

Architects Certificate welcomes Ed Lewis to the team. Ed is studying Building Surveying at Northumbria University and is currently on his placement year, he’s looking forward to gaining invaluable experience during his time at Architects Certificate.

As if that’s not enough: More exciting news is the development and updating of the current website, this will add many new features and areas of interest:

  • A new and improved gallery page, featuring selected images, a new slideshow gallery for each project, these will be continually updated as current projects progress and new ones commence
  • A “Meet the Team” facility that will allow you to see the RMS that works in your area and view their qualifications and experience.
  • Many updates to the technical information on the website to reflect current company policy and procedure, and related building industry news and articles.

One of our new projects is an unusual build in North Wales. The foundation design is of special interest, and it’s one that is used in Norway but not often seen in the UK. It involves the construction of a “bath” made from 140mm X3i foam, this bath is then filled with concrete to create the slab foundation.

The presence of the foam beneath the slab means the heat loss from the building is minimal, this coupled with the lack of thermal bridging and the construction of a SIPS- like panel on the exterior envelope of the house will create a very efficient building.

newsletter june 2012

This concludes the first Architects Certificate newsletter, we will be back next month to bring you more exciting news and developments. Don’t forget to check the website regularly for constant updates and news.

Published Date: 23rd July 2012
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