Professional Consultants Certificate December 2012 News

Welcome to the December edition of the Architects Certificate monthly newsletter. Architects Certificate bucked the trend this month, instead of the usual Christmas drop in business activity we have been inundated with enquiries and calls.

Usually the December period is a great wind down, a time when people look forward to the festivities of Christmas and New Year. This cannot be said for Architects Certificate. We received a large volume of calls and enquiries relating to our retrospective services. New readers of this newsletter should go to www.retrocert.co.uk to view information and advice pertaining to these services.

Earlier this month as part of our placement scheme at Architects Certificate a tutor from Northumbria University came to visit head office. This is to monitor the students’ progress and satisfaction at their place of work and to check that the students on placement are fulfilling their obligations to the University i.e. researching potential dissertation subjects, completing the mandatory competencies set out by the university etc. The Lecturer left impressed with the diversity of experience offered to undergraduates currently working at Architects Certificate, developing students surveying capabilities, business acumen and administration abilities. All of which are part and parcel of the modern surveying practice.

We at Architects Certificate wish every reader of this newsletter a Happy New Year and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook using the Links below.

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Published Date: 5th January 2013
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