Professional Consultants Certificate August 2012 News

Welcome to the Architects Certificate August 2012 Newsletter. Despite the holiday season being in full flow we have been busy this month, the highlights are contained within this newsletter.

The Architects Certificate website is now finally completed, and a new, more streamlined approach to the picture galleries was decided upon. This allows for greater interpretation of what the images are showing by providing a small explanation of the processes taking place throughout a project. However, the website will be continually updated with new information, pages etc. so check back for updates.

We have also been streamlining our approach to online advertising in order to allow for a greater presence on the internet, this allows us to make greater use of the online tools provided by Google in order to continually analyse our marketing approach.

Architects Certificate also welcomes Jim Nicoll and John Blake to the team, Jim is a Chartered Architect based in Prestwick, Ayrshire who has specialised in the residential build sector for over 30 years. John is a Chartered Architect based in Willsbridge, Bristol and both will be valued additions to Architects Certificate team. These new RMSs now have their own profiles which can be viewed in the meet the team section of the website.

Finally, a progress update on the eco-build in North Wales. Over the course of the last two newsletters we have been tracking the progress of this build from inception. In last month’s newsletter the first timber frame had been constructed, now less than 2 weeks later the second timber frame has been built.

newsletter august 2012

From inception, We have been following this project due to its interesting construction methods, these have been explained in the June and July Newsletters. As the construction of the main structural elements come to a close and progresses to internal works we will continue to keep you updated via these newsletters as to the current state of the build.

When this build is completed this newsletter will focus on a new project and follow its progress through each stage of construction.

This concludes the August edition of the Architects Certificate Newsletter, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter using the links below.

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Published Date: 14th September 2012
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