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How can I get building control approval?

When any building is in the works, having it meet building regulations is crucial. Even if you’re looking to go through with a small extension on your home, it’s vital that your project meets all building regulations, otherwise you could be facing disastrous circumstances in the future. For example, a build may have a major flaw that could affect the safety of those inside at any point. If this wasn’t picked up by building control (we’ll come onto them later) or it doesn’t meet building regulations, it could put those in the vicinity at risk and leave the owners of the building liable to damages in the future.

What we’re trying to say is, no building project should commence until it’s been confirmed that it has met building regulations by a team of professionals. Here at Architect Certificate, we provide expert building control services so you can be certain your project has been given the green light.

So how does this process come about? Let us shed a little light on our area of expertise in this blog post.

What is building control?

You may not have heard of building control previously, but this group of surveyors ensure that any building work that is in the pipeline complies with building regulations. To make sure that this is the case, building control perform several in-depth tests and checks so the building is safe to use.

These checks cover all aspects of the construction of the building, including (but not limited to):

  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Issues with fundamental structure
  • Accessibility
  • Fire escapes and fire protection

During the construction of a building, you can expect to see regular visits from these surveyors to deal with any potential issues at source, rather than see major backtracking further down the line that could cost time and money. Hardly ideal when you’re trying to meet a tight deadline and have a strict budget!

Why does it need to be approved?

Although they may seem like an extra thing to worry about at the time, building control are on your side and want to keep your building safe in the future. They are a great way of exposing any cowboy builders and bringing any of their unsafe methods of practice to the surface. All too often, these kinds of builders have packed up and left, only for an accident in the future to expose them of their shortcomings.

Why should it wait this long?

With building control by your side, you’re able to regularly check the safety and security of your project, giving you the peace of mind that work reaches the required standards.

If building control spot an issue, they can offer advice and guidance as to how it can be rectified. With this kind of corporation, we can all work towards the common goal of a well-rounded, safe structure that is ready for use straight away.

How can it be done?

Here at Architect Certificate, we can assist you in meeting building regulations with our expert team of building control inspectors. By working with us and our team – that is approved by the Construction Industry Council – you will be able to benefit from as much support and guidance as you need throughout this exciting process.

We work with you to ensure that your plans meet the safety requirements needed, so your new project can go ahead as normal. Such is our experience and industry know how, you needn’t worry about our ability to spot any potential design flaws or issues once the project has commenced.

We are a team of knowledgeable quick thinkers that use our nous to adapt to issues that may arise out of the blue. During a project, not everything is guaranteed to run smoothly, with external factors sometimes coming into play. If you’re looking for your new build to operate soundly, we’re the people to call!

Get in touch with us today

Not only do we specialise in building control, but we can also supply building warranty so you’re covered should your new building falter early in its lifespan. We offer a 10 year building warranty so you can have the peace of mind that you’re in safe hands during this timeframe.

If you have any enquiries regarding building control or any other aspect of our service, then be sure to contact us at a time that suits you. You can call us on 0161 928 8804 or drop us an email to speak to one of our team. You can also fill out our online form and we will respond as quickly as possible.


Published Date: 29th September 2021
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Commercial Property Warranty

Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd.

We now offer Commercial warranty.


All of our services, certification and warranty are now available for commercial property. This is particularly useful in the cases where a residential development sits on top of a commercial unit such as retail, childrens’ nursery, cafe etc. We can insure buildings up to £5 million Rebuild Value.


Published Date: 28th January 2016
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Residential Real Estate Development in Manchester Tops Pre-Recession Days


Come to Manchester for residential real estate opportunities!

The number of properties currently under construction are at their highest levels since 2008. The Annual Crane Survey by Deloitte Real Estate indicates a clear agenda of development and growth for the Northern and City Centre areas. They are also indications that 2016 will be the busiest building period since prior to the recession. Active residential developers in and around Manchester include Beech Properties, De Trafford Estates, English Cities Fund, Lend Lease, Pinnacle MC Global, Renaker and the Select Property Group.

Here at PCC Ltd we advise for and provide warranty for all residential development and look forward to a very busy 2016.


Published Date: 28th January 2016
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We fully certify Modular Buildings for Mortgage Purposes

We are now able to provide either 6yr CML, now known as UK Finance Professional Consultant Certification or 10yr Warranty for the new modular home by Boutique Modern Ltd.



Our clients are using this novel design to create space in tight spots in and around the City of London. This is a great way to redevelop within an urban situation where space is very much at a premium. This modular system is helping property developers in places such as Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester to utilise the unused flat roof areas to many existing high storey blocks. As the monitoring surveyor we will check for the following: capability of the existing foundations and structure to accept the new increased loads, means of escape in case of fire, general structural stability and things such as the integrity of the existing and new roof structures.

Ask us for details.


Published Date: 6th October 2014
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Alternatives to the NHBC warranty

When looking to keep your building insured, you’re going to want to find the best possible warranty, so you know you’re in safe hands. Of course, there are many options out there, so deciding on the right one can be hard. By looking a little deeper for worthwhile alternatives, you can benefit from a better deal that provides the same level of security.

Obtaining a mortgage on your new build is crucial and is a standard requirements from your mortgage company so they feel confident in supplying you with the cover you need. They will always ask for some form of building warranty so a mortgage or loan will be granted on your property.

One of the most popular options out there is the NHBC warranty, which is well known by many. However, many builders that are smaller in size, or those that are self-builders who have created their own property find that the cost of an NHBC warranty can be extremely high.

It’s with this in mind that here at Architects Certificate, we can list some alternatives to this warranty, in some cases saving you over 50% of the cost!

Two options to consider are:

Option 1 – You can look to obtain a Professional Consultants Certificate, that provides you with a 6 year warranty.

Option 2 – You could benefit from a 10 year structural warranty. This is called an ABC+ Warranty.

If you’d like to find out more about each of the options available, be sure to check out the graphic below for more information. This will help you compare the 3 options so you can decide which one suits your requirements best.

To discuss any enquiries with our team of experts, call us on 0161 928 8804 or email You can also fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

comparison chart vers 2


Published Date: 24th August 2014
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NHBC recruitment drive

NHBC is embarking on its biggest recruitment drive in 30 years with some 100 new technical jobs being created.
images (2)

NHBC is saying that new home registrations in the UK for 2013 were up 28% compared to the previous year, with what it called “signs of a broad based recovery in many different regions and the highest new house-building volumes in London for a generation”.

As part of its campaign, the NHBC say ” It will be recruiting 80 new building inspectors with new management roles also being created. More surveyors, engineers and special project managers will also be recruited to ensure that the appropriate technical support is available for builders and their design teams, both on site and during the design stage”.

Here at Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd, the UK’s leading provider of new home certification, we are expanding to meet the upsurge in house building. We currently have 22 regional surveyors with the best professional qualifications; we have recruited from Chartered surveyors, engineers and architects all of which comply to the Council of Mortgage Lenders criteria. Whether its a warranty or a certificate we can help, we can even step in at a very late stage in the construction, which is something the NHBC refuse to do.


Published Date: 10th June 2014
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Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd achieve Financial Conduct Authority Compliance

d82e9233-af8d-4cfc-b602-e58b846c371bOur insurance and warranty services are checked for compliance with Financial Conduct Authority standards.

Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd are now able to offer all insurance services to the builder, self-builder and developer. Ten year warranty, specialist insurance for say flat roofs or basements, site insurance, contractors all risks insurance and a range of liability insurances are now accessible from us direct. From self-builders embarking upon their first property development up to large property development companies all can now look to us for advice and competitive quotes for all their building insurance needs.

Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd is now an Appointed Representative of Momentum Broker Solutions Ltd. Momentum Broker Solutions Ltd are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA.

Professional Consultants Certificate Ltd are the one-stop shop for warranty, insurance and building monitoring.

Phone us now for a quote 08456800467


Published Date: 11th May 2014
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How can I get a building warranty for my new build house ?

How can I get a building warranty for my new build house ?

new build needing a building warrantyLarge house builders will often get an NHBC warranty on their new build homes which offers protection to the purchaser and enables a mortgage to be secured on the property.

Smaller builders and self builders have a better value scheme open to them known as the CML Professional Consultants Certificate (previously called Architect’s Certificate) which provides many of the building warranty features of the NHBC at a much lower cost.

The architect warrants that the house has been properly constructed in accordance with the regulations and the plans and specifications.

The larger building warranty providers, such as the NHBC, are not always the best choice for the smaller house builder, developer or self-builder since:
1. They will not step in if you have already commenced on site.
2. They act on behalf of their scheme member i.e. the contractor
3. They will require a bond payment from unregistered builders
4. All fees have to be paid up front whether the guarantee is issued or not
5. Often their inspectors are not chartered professionals

The whole point of any scheme that requires regular inspections throughout the build is to ensure that the dwelling is built to such a standard that problems are eliminated. In this respect a chartered architect or surveyor will provide a more diligent service than an employee of a large company because they are personally liable in cases of negligence.

Remember that a chartered professional has undertaken at least seven years of study, examination and supervision by senior architects before given licence to practice. Their reputation and their future in the industry depends totally upon the quality of their service (‘duty of care’). have been surveying properties since 1989, and providing CML Professional Consultants Certificates since their introduction. Their certificates are often 50% cheaper than NHBC cover. Call on 0845 680 0467 for a quote today.


Published Date: 28th March 2014
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