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Construction Summit 2018

Construction Summit 2018 ABC+ Warranty explaining the benefits


Published Date: 6th August 2018
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Barclays Bank mortgages now accept ABC+ Warranty

10-Year Structural Warranty widely accepted by banks and building societies.

Our cost-effective ABC+ Structural Warranty is widely accepted by many banks and building societies across the UK – now including Barclays Bank. This is just one of the dozens of major UK financial lenders on our approved lenders list, making it easier than ever to get a great deal on your mortgage, with the added benefit of the peace of mind a reputable warranty brings.

Why choose Architects Certificate for your Structural Warranty?

For many years, the well-known warranty giants have had a monopoly within the construction market. As a result, they were able to charge extortionate fees, and then exclude many components of the property. 

Here at Architects Certificate, we believe it shouldn’t cost you the earth to build your home.

That’s why our alternative ABC+ Warranty requires:

  • NO membership fees
  • NO renewal fees
  • NO holding bonds

Best of all, we promise to beat any valid quotation you may have already received from a competing provider. We also provide 6-Year Professional Consultants’ Certificates or PCCs, formerly known as CML certificates and now known as UK Finance certificates.

Not only is our ABC+ Warranty accepted by banks like Barclays, but it also meets the criteria for most procedures, like the government’s Help to Buy scheme and local Housing Associations, and is fit for everyone from self-builders to larger developers.

We can issue certificates within minutes, granting full access to your inspection reports. It’s as easy as submitting your information online for a quick quote.

Got any questions about our warranties? You can contact us by phone or email for assistance from our team of experts.


Published Date: 2nd August 2018
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