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Latest Mortgage and Construction News

The CML, ABFA, BBA, CML, FFA, Payments UK and UK Cards have now been merged into one group and are to be known as UK Finance. The CML, now known as UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook will now be known as UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook.

Banks and building societies together with conveyancing solicitors should read up on the following information from the CML.

UK Construction industry- Government figures show a slow start to the year with lending and transactions both in line with 12 month averages. A recent survey carried out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors expects much of the same going forward. The report noted that there continues to be a fall in the number of properties coming onto the market, as July marked 17 consecutive months where this measure was falling.

Lloyds Standards

Lloyds banking group are raising the standards to adopt the RICS standard of surveying.This is great news for Architects Certificate who offer both types of Warranty certification for new homes. Architects Certificate have held this high level of qualification since 1989. Hand picking only the best Surveying team of RICS professionals. Not everyone will be happy with this news however, for the likes of larger well known Warranty providers whose ‘inspectors’ rather than ‘Surveyors’ are typically qualified to only a BSc in construction standard. That could be the reason why so many other Warranty providers are experiencing high levels of claims recently.


Published Date: 9th March 2018
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