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How can I get a building warranty for my new build house ?

How can I get a building warranty for my new build house ?

new build needing a building warrantyLarge house builders will often get an NHBC warranty on their new build homes which offers protection to the purchaser and enables a mortgage to be secured on the property.

Smaller builders and self builders have a better value scheme open to them known as the CML Professional Consultants Certificate (previously called Architect’s Certificate) which provides many of the building warranty features of the NHBC at a much lower cost.

The architect warrants that the house has been properly constructed in accordance with the regulations and the plans and specifications.

The larger building warranty providers, such as the NHBC, are not always the best choice for the smaller house builder, developer or self-builder since:
1. They will not step in if you have already commenced on site.
2. They act on behalf of their scheme member i.e. the contractor
3. They will require a bond payment from unregistered builders
4. All fees have to be paid up front whether the guarantee is issued or not
5. Often their inspectors are not chartered professionals

The whole point of any scheme that requires regular inspections throughout the build is to ensure that the dwelling is built to such a standard that problems are eliminated. In this respect a chartered architect or surveyor will provide a more diligent service than an employee of a large company because they are personally liable in cases of negligence.

Remember that a chartered professional has undertaken at least seven years of study, examination and supervision by senior architects before given licence to practice. Their reputation and their future in the industry depends totally upon the quality of their service (‘duty of care’). have been surveying properties since 1989, and providing CML Professional Consultants Certificates since their introduction. Their certificates are often 50% cheaper than NHBC cover. Call on 0845 680 0467 for a quote today.


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What is an architect’s certificate?

What is an architect’s certificate?


architects certificateAn architect’s certificate is issued by a chartered architect or surveyor on a newly built or converted property and is of 6 year duration. Though it has been renamed and is officially called ‘the CML, now known as UK Finance Professional Consultants Certificate’, the term ‘Architects Certificate’ is still widely used.

Architect’s certificates are an important document for a number of reasons, but particularly if you or your purchaser want to take out a mortgage on a newly built property.

Mortgage lenders will generally only lend money against a newly built property if it is protected by a warranty scheme such as NHBC warranty or a Professional Consultants Certificate.

Smaller builders and self builders favour a professional consultants certificate/ architect’s certificate because they are often as much as 50% cheaper than NHBC and are widely accepted by banks and building societies.

An architect’s certificate is only a warranty in the sense that the issuing professional undertakes (by means of a signed CML, now known as UK Finance certificate) that the subject property is built in accordance with the approved plans, complies with building regulations and is to a good standard. This undertaking is primarily for the use of banks and building societies as a security for a loan. The lender is provided with an assurance of the standard of construction, which is backed by the issuing architect’s professional indemnity insurance. THIS IS NOT A LATENT DEFECTS POLICY.

Architect’s Certificates are issued as standard for six years cover, which the council of mortgage lenders have approved for use in their standard format.  You can also buy additional cover from us, a UK-wide professional consultant’s certificate provider to give ten years cover.  This additional cover is called CertificatePlus+ and is available from or by calling 0845 680 0467.


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